My Comments to Elephant Moving Regarding Their “Piano Moving” Services

After my experience I feel it would be best if you remove piano moving from your list of services. I don’t think the guys that came had ever even seen a piano before, much less moved one.

An appropriate piano moving dolly wasn’t used, they moved the piano from the house to the truck without any sort of protection for the piano and nearly dropped the instrument off the lift on the back of the truck because they didn’t have a secure handle on it.

I’m concerned that non-trivial stresses or damage may surface in the near future as a result of this move and I will have no recourse in the matter. I cannot blame the actual truck crew because they should have never been sent out by Elephant in the first place.

I hope this matter is taken seriously and addressed so that someone with more to lose doesn’t find themselves in the same position as I am now.


UPDATE 7/6/2012
A representative was kind enough to reach out to me:

What an absurd suggestion. Of course they have seen a piano. One of the men who moved your piano is one of our certified piano technicians, who disassembles and moves half a dozen grand and baby grand pianos each week, as well as many upright pianos of all sizes. There’s no such thing as a special piano dolly for upright pianos. We use padded 4 wheeled dollies to move upright pianos, and piano boards to move baby grand pianos. Our crews are professional movers and are experienced with moving all sizes and shapes of items.

My response:

This is how a piano should be moved: pianoMoving.jpg

Don’t tell me my suggestion is absurd when the internet can prove me correct in 15 seconds.

  1. griff says:

    What did you expect from a company called “Elephant Moving”? Seems like their brand is pretty up-front with the amount of finesse they apply to their craft. 😉

  2. Justin says:

    Well, I guess I hoped that they were competent to move large things.

  3. elephant moving says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t post the rest of our email conversation. You clearly had an idea in your head of how your piano would be moved. However, I hardly think a single photograph from eBay proves you correct. I wouldn’t consider eBay an authority on piano moving. That’s a safe dolly. We use that type of dolly for moving safes or other very heavy items that cannot be lifted/moved by manpower alone. On occasion we have used our safe dollies on a piano that is too heavy to lift onto a standard dolly. It is not necessary for the majority of upright pianos and is more likely to cause damage to the piece than other methods of moving. On pianos with legs these dollies cannot be used at all (these safe dollies are made to lift and move items that do not have legs at all but are solid pieces with straight edged bases).
    If you look on the internet for piano moving information you will see countless pictures of the H-dollies that every piano mover uses for just about every piano. There are plenty of sites and videos that cover this topic as well. This video claims to show the best way to move a piano:–LYKwqQHc3IGABA&usg=AFQjCNHP8IEsIMxpLPc5rLHzIWgj4gDsog. No special eBay dolly there.
    And this forum on seems to think that using a dolly like the one you pictured above is a terrible idea:
    So a single photo on the internet hardly proves you right. We understand that you were apparently not pleased with the service you received; unfortunately that sometimes occurs. Elephant moving has successfully completed over 1600 piano moves over the past few years with very few issues or damages. Our crews are experienced in moving all types of pianos and our piano technicians know how to care for special finishes, antiques and other specialty pianos. We are certainly sorry to hear your move was less than perfect. Back in July I suggested that you submit a claim if there was any damage and you declined to do so.

  4. How unfortunate that this company nearly ruined a precious and expensive instrument and then had the audacity to act like it was your fault! Most moving companies worth their salt will do everything in their power to make things right if the customer is unhappy with a service. The way you were treated by this company is ridiculous.

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